Explore Buffalo ® is a non-profit organization providing tours and other opportunities to discover Buffalo’s great architecture, history, and neighborhoods. Explore Buffalo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission Statement:

Explore Buffalo® promotes Buffalo and Western New York history, architecture, and neighborhoods through quality education to learners of all ages.

Our Vision: 

A public that is knowledgeable and engaged in the history, architecture, and neighborhoods of Buffalo and Western New York.

Annual Report:

Explore Buffalo Guidebook: 

Board of Directors:

Cindy Gorski, President
Duncan Hemink, Vice President
Gary Szakmary, Vice President
Robert Wetter, Treasurer
Gerri Kozlowski, Secretary
Francesca Baird
Brandi Cane
Ron Eaton
Dave Fijas
Calder Flynn
Trish Kenyon
Sylvia Lloyd
Thomas Mudra
Danielle Ossher
Barb Peterson
Kathy Pollack
Paul Rizzo


Brad Hahn, Executive Director
Olivia McCarthy, Deputy Director
Mack Barker, Education Coordinator
Susan Reeder, Development Coordinator
Suzanne Ernst, Project Coordinator