Family Pod Tours

Our family pod tours are a great way to safely experience the architecture and history of Downtown Buffalo! Groups of up to 10 can arrange for a private tour specifically geared toward students and young people. Best of all, you’ll only be on the tour with people you know! We’ll be offering these tours daily from June 25-30, 2021. There are two tour options:
  • Best of Buffalo, an overview of Buffalo history that takes students through the heart of downtown Buffalo. This mixed interior and exterior walking tour teaches students about prominent architectural buildings and styles, the Erie Canal and the Pan-American Exposition, the history of Niagara and Lafayette Squares, and more.
  • Canalside Then & Now, a walking tour leads students through the vibrant Canalside area to discuss the history of Buffalo’s waterfront, the Erie Canal, and Canalside’s present-day cultural, artistic, and community uses.
Family pod tours cost $7 per attendee. Begin the process of booking your tour today by filling out the form below – we’ll be in touch with you soon to confirm the date and time of your tour! Please request your June 2021 Family Pod Tour by Friday, June 18.
As a reminder, please review our COVID-19 guidelines by clicking here.


Family Pod Tour Request Form – June 2021

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    Family Pod Tours run from Friday, June 25 through Wednesday, June 30. Please rank your top three preferred tour dates in the box below. We will make every effort to secure your first choice, however there may be circumstances in which we are unable - in that case, we will reach out to you to select an alternate date.

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