Private Groups

Group Bus Tours

Explore Buffalo provides step-on docents who will come on your group’s bus to give a bus tour of Buffalo.

Please note that Explore Buffalo does not provide transportation; this must be arranged by the group. We can provide contact information for local bus companies upon request. 

Standard Bus Tours:
$125/hour per docent

Custom Bus Tours:
Starting at $150/hour per docent

Tour Logistics:

After requests have been processed, groups will receive a tour information document with details on their specific tour. This document is the official confirmation of your tour booking. At that time group organizers must provide Explore Buffalo with the day of tour contact info, form of payment and if applicable, any group mobility issues.


 Standard Bus Tours

Architectural Treasures

Buffalo is a city blessed with structures of untold importance in the history of architecture. Guests will see Buffalo’s magnificent architecture unfold as the bus travels throughout the city. Our downtown alone holds groundbreaking examples of modern architecture by visionaries such as Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham and Louise Blanchard Bethune. 

  • Points of Interest: Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo History Museum, City Hall, Curtiss Building, Delaware Mansions, Electric Tower, Ellicott Square Building, First Presbyterian Church, Goldome Bank, Kleinhans Music Hall, Richardson Olmsted Complex, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral.

Buffalo Highlights

The “Buffalo Highlights” tour is a wonderful overview of our city with a blend of history, architecture and current sites of entertainment and shopping. Guests will be introduced to the city’s downtown architecture, waterfront, local commercial districts, and cultural institutions that make Buffalo such a unique place to live. 

  • Points of Interest: Canalside, Darwin Martin Complex, Elmwood Avenue, Hertel Avenue, Larkinville, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Millionaire’s Row, Niagara Square, Silo City, and Solar City.

Historic Treasures of the Queen City

At the turn of the twentieth century, Buffalo was the eighth largest city in America and the city’s businesses, organizations, and citizens had the financial resources to hire the best architects and craftsmen and use the finest materials available. Today, Buffalo remains a Queen City with a strong foundation for which it can continue to grow and thrive. “Historic Treasures of the Queen City” will give guests an overview of Buffalo’s history with a special look at the people and places that have impacted the city’s culture. 

  • Points of Interest: Delaware District, Inner Harbor, Lincoln Parkway, Museum District, Niagara Square, Parkside, Pan American Exposition Site, Richmond Avenue, Richardson Olmsted Complex, Symphony Circle.

Waterborne Buffalo

Buffalo grew from the water’s edge, as the Erie Canal and later the railroads brought unprecedented commerce and industry to the city. Recently, Buffalonians have witnessed an extraordinary transformation along the waterfront that includes: the redevelopment of Canalside and the new waterfront attractions along Buffalo’s inner and outer harbor. These projects bring our city into an exciting age of waterfront recreation and tourism. “Waterborne Buffalo” focuses on the strength of our city’s waterfront and what locals and visitors can enjoy all year round! 

  • Points of Interest: Canalside, Elevator Alley, Erie Basin, Mutual Riverfront Park, Ohio Street, Outer Harbor, River Fest Park, Riverworks, Silo City, Solar City.

What’s New Buffalo

To experience Buffalo today is to feel the excitement of a city in its renaissance. Local development, exploration of the arts and an appreciation for the Queen City’s heritage can be seen best by highlighting major projects and pockets of development throughout the city. “What’s New Buffalo” sheds light on what our city has to offer and achieves a thoughtful balance between the old and the new of Buffalo. 

  • Points of Interest: Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Buffalo River Development, Canalside, Erie Basin, Grant Street, Larkinville, Main Street Theater District, Richardson Olmsted Complex, Silo City, Solar City.

Custom Bus Tours

The tours outlined above can be reconfigured into a custom tour. All custom tours start at $150 an hour.