Tour Assistant Training

What do Explore Buffalo Tour Assistants do?

  • Tour Assistants are volunteers who support Explore Buffalo’s tours and docents by managing administrative tour tasks and helping to keep the tour running smoothly.
  • Tour Assistants check in guests attending tours and submit a Tour Report at the end of the tour.

Why become a Tour Assistant for Explore Buffalo?

  • Being a Tour Assistant for Explore Buffalo is FUN! What could be more thrilling than showing people from the world Buffalo’s architecture and history?
  • As a Tour Assistant, you have the opportunity to assist with many of Explore Buffalo’s wide variety of tours and learn more about Buffalo’s history and architecture while volunteering.
  • Being a Tour Assistant is a great way to meet new people within Explore Buffalo or among our many community partners. Explore Buffalo organizes regular social events for docents and volunteers.

Who can become a Tour Assistant for Explore Buffalo?

  • Anyone can become a Tour Assistant! All that is required is an interest in and passion for promoting Buffalo, and a friendly and welcoming presence for our visitors from around the world.
  • Through our Tour Assistant Training Classes, we provide in-depth training on the responsibilities of Tour Assistants.

Spring 2019 Tour Assistant Training Classes:

Annual training classes are offered for new Tour Assistants. Tour Assistant training consists of two class sessions: the first class is a classroom session held at Explore Buffalo’s offices at First Presbyterian Church on Symphony Circle, and the second class is a field session held in downtown Buffalo.

Weekend Class:

  • Day 1: Saturday, April 27 – 10 AM
  • Day 2: Saturday, May 4 – 10 AM

Weekday Class:

  • Day 1: Monday, May 6 – 6 PM
  • Day 2: Monday, May 13 – 6 PM

Tour Assistant Training Class Fee:
There is a class fee of $15 for our Tour Assistant training class. This fee covers the cost of Tour Assistant materials, including an Explore Buffalo messenger bag that all Tour Assistants receive.

Tour Assistant Training Registration:
New Tour Assistants must first attend a Volunteer Orientation session. Please see our Volunteer Orientation page to sign up for a Volunteer Orientation session, and when doing so indicate that you plan to sign up for a Tour Assistant training class.