Explore Buffalo™ is a non-profit organization providing tours and other opportunities to discover Buffalo’s great architecture, history, and neighborhoods.

We are the tour organization officially connected with the Buffalo Architecture & History website, www.buffaloah.com, which contains detailed pages on more than 500 local landmarks. Through tours and events, we promote the incredible assets found in Buffalo.

Explore Buffalo is an affiliate of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo, an organization with a goal of making the community a better place to live. As an affiliate of the Wellness Institute, Explore Buffalo™ operates with the benefits a 501(c) (3) non-profit.


Season Kickoff Weekend

May 16-17-18

To celebrate the launch of the summer walking tour season,
all $10 and $15 tours will be two-for-one! Bring a friend!

Check out the tours we offer here.

  • If you are making online reservations, a reservation for one person will be valid for two people
  • Two-for-one special must be used at the same tour – one person cannot take two different tours with one reservation

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Inviting everyone to experience Buffalo's great architecture, history, and neighborhoods


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